Exploring the outback and travelling through the broad Aussie terrain is all about reliability and convenience. Single and Dual battery systems for mod cons including fridges, additional light bars, winches and storing energy from solar panels need to be reliable and fit for purpose especially when you are away from civilisation. Remco offers a comprehensive range of energy solutions for all things off road, 4WD and adventure touring.

Batteries for 4WD and touring must be vibration resistant, spill proof and easy to mount where space is a premium as well as light weight options where gross vehicle mass is limited. They must be able to withstand the frequent inertia, resistance, and vibration due to the nature of this type of travel without incurring damage or degradation.

Whatever you plan to do, no matter how far or how amped up you want to be, Remco’s range of batteries are designed and built for the Aussie climate and offer a solution for all vehicle types and energy requirements.